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Supported Living Service

Supported living is an incredible service that empowers individuals to remain or come back to their own communities, where they can be surrounded by their supportive loved ones and access all the available resources, amenities, and services in the nearby area.

This can lead to a significant boost in their independence and self-assurance, which in turn enhances their self-esteem. Supported Living focuses on enabling people to have control over their own lives, while still providing a safety net of support and guidance, has proven to be an effective approach towards building confidence and self-worth. By participating in supported living, young people can develop essential life skills and learn how to take responsibility for their own needs and decisions.

They can also take advantage of the opportunity to form new connections within their local community and establish a sense of belonging and purpose.

Keeleigh Porter

Registered Manager

Cherish Supported Living

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Supported Living Team

Keeleigh Porter

Registered Manager

Sam Stockell

Head of Service Delivery

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Area Co-ordinator

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Service Manager

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Area Manager

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Care Assessor