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What is Reablement Care?

The reablement approach is a fantastic way to provide support to individuals who require assistance with their home care. Unlike the traditional ‘doing for’ approach, the reablement model promotes independence and self-sufficiency. Through the ‘doing with’ method, individuals receive support to regain their confidence and abilities following an illness or injury.

Typically, a team of social care professionals will provide the services in the person’s home, creating a valuable relationship and opportunities for progress monitoring. Reablement is designed to help people sustain their daily activities and live as independently as possible, contributing to earlier discharge from hospitals and increased chances of continual independent living. This type of care may last for up to six weeks, but it can be adjusted based on the individual’s specific requirements and support levels. It should be noted that ‘reablement’, ‘rehabilitation’, and ‘intermediate care’ are similar terms that are used interchangeably.

Local authorities offer reablement services, which means eligibility rules vary from region to region.

Benefits to reablement

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Head of Service Delivery


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