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About Us

We are a leading provider of Care Services in the North West of England.

We provide exceptional care services throughout the North West of England. Our years of industry experience have made us a trusted and reliable provider. 

Our highly trained and dedicated staff work tirelessly to ensure that each and every one of our clients receives the highest standard of care possible. We are committed to promoting independence, dignity, and independence for all of our clients, and work closely with them and their families to provide personalised care plans that meet their unique needs. 

Sam Stockell

Head of Service Delivery

meet our Team

Leadership Team

Peter is an exceptional leader who has brought remarkable success to the organisation through his dedication, hard work, innovation and teamwork.

Peter Watson


As Head of People, Gemma oversees HR to ensure employee well-being, productivity and growth. She manages employee relations, workplace culture, benefit programs, and HR planning. Unlike traditional HR leaders, she creates and implements strategic plans for exceptional employee experiences.

Gemma Watson

Head of People

Wendy is an accomplished and driven individual who founded Cherish. With a wealth of experience and knowledge in her field, she has dedicated countless hours to building a company that embodies the essence of her values and beliefs. Her leadership and guidance have been instrumental in the steady growth of Cherish.

Wendy Watson


Sam is committed to ensuring the wellbeing and safeguarding of our clients and leading development for our team. His client-focused approach and supportive leadership will ensure the highest standards of care for our clients.

Sam Stockell

Head of Service Delivery

Ryan is at the forefront of leading our UK operations, as he consistently cultivates and expands our brand, while concurrently building Cherish UK's reputation. With his highly effective leadership and innovative approach, Ryan has been instrumental in driving Cherish UK's growth and success in the care sector.

Ryan Watson

Operations Director

Glen is an accomplished and impressive Human Resources professional who excels in identifying, recruiting, and training personnel while ensuring a positive work environment that promotes productivity and employee happiness. His contributions to Cherish make him an invaluable asset, recognised for exceptional performance.

Glen Murray

Group HR Manager


Your Questions Answered

At Cherish, we understand that beginning to think about care or support for you or your loved one can be a difficult decision to make. We hope that our FAQs help to answer your questions. Please get in touch with us if you would like to know more.

At Cherish, we offer bespoke, specialist home care services that are tailored to your individual needs. We are proud of our compassionate, professional, and flexible approach to care, which is why we have become a trusted provider of home care in Blackpool, Lancashire, Rochdale, Blackburn, Trafford, Warrington, Wigan, and the surrounding areas.

Our team of trained and DBS-checked carers is always on hand to provide the best-quality care and support, no matter what your requirements. Whether it’s 24-hour care or just half an hour a day, we can help you maintain your independence and live your life to the fullest.

At Cherish, our carers and support workers are highly skilled and committed to delivering good quality services. Some people simply need help outside of the home, such as when they go shopping. Others may need help with personal care, including bathing, dressing, and enjoying nutritious meals. Our care and support also takes into account life-changing or long-term illnesses, such as dementia, Parkinson’s and many others. Finally, many people we support simply want company and conversation due to loneliness, recent bereavement, or the desire for a new friend.

  • We support our clients, enabling them to remain safe and independent within their own home by creating a tailor-made, person-centred support plan that works for you.

  • We enable our clients to be active members of their own community.

  • We provide services and relationships that help individuals achieve their desired outcomes.

  • We give individuals the opportunity to express their views and wishes.

  • We ensure individuals are safe in the community.

  • We provide support and care of the highest possible standard.

  • We provide a professional, fully trained and dedicated team of support staff.

  • We provide continuity and reliability to reduce anxiety, enhance confidence and maximise quality of service.

  • We maximise choice and control for our customers by using an individualised support plan to communicate, plan, implement and review the needs and outcomes of our customers in a person-centred way.

  • We provide competitive, affordable, value-for-money services that meet the needs and exceed the expectations of our customers.

  • We continually review, adapt and improve our services to meet the changing needs of our customers.

We provide a range of domiciliary care services that are tailored to suit your needs – from helping with household tasks or companionship, to assisting with personal care and specialist care.


At our company, we take great care in choosing the best carers for our clients. Our rigorous selection process involves finding individuals who show qualities that make an exceptional carer, guaranteeing a positive and compatible relationship.

We believe that each Cherish carer represents the high standard of knowledge and skills required for caregiving. Our carers go above and beyond in their duties, ensuring that your loved ones always receive the best possible care. With our team of skilled and dedicated carers, you can rest assured that your loved ones are in good hands.

At Cherish, our top priority is to provide reliable and top-quality care services to our clients. As part of our commitment to delivering consistent care, we strongly believe in the importance of continuity of care.

While we strive to assign the same Carer to each client for every visit, however, circumstances beyond our control may prevent this from happening. Even with the best of intentions, certain unforeseeable events such as Carer illnesses, vacations, or emergency leave may make it challenging to maintain consistency.

We understand how important it is for our clients to have peace of mind, which is why we take every possible step towards ensuring that every visit is an exceptional one. We promise to limit the number of Carers working with you so that you can build a trusting and meaningful relationship with them.

As part of our commitment to providing the best possible care, we have a team of specially trained carers who are equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to support individuals with different care needs.

We understand that living with dementia can be challenging for both the individual and their loved ones. That’s why we have developed extensive training programs that focus on offering specialised care and support to those living with the condition. Our carers are experts in dementia care and are dedicated to providing compassionate care that addresses the individual needs of each client.

At Cherish, we prioritise the safety, comfort, and well-being of our clients, and we strive to ensure that they receive the highest quality of care possible. If you or a loved one requires dementia care, you can trust our team of specialists to provide compassionate and professional care that meets your unique needs.

We use a digital care management system to schedule your calls and allocate them to your familiar carers. They then use the digital system to log in and out of calls so we know they have arrived on time and completed your call.

Digital Care Planning is available, along with an app that you and your representatives can access to see visit records and reassure themselves that care is being delivered in accordance with the Care Plan. Medication records are also available digitally, enabling us to manage your medication safely.

At Cherish, we understand that every individual has unique care needs and requirements. Therefore, we offer personalised solutions that cater to the specific requirements of each client and their loved ones.

Our approach involves creating a care plan that is tailored to your preferences and needs. Whether it’s assistance with daily living activities, medication management, or mobility support, we’re here to help.

We acknowledge that care needs can change over time for different reasons such as injuries, health complications, or other unexpected situations. Hence, our team is always available to review and modify care plans accordingly, ensuring that you and your loved ones receive the best care possible. So you can rest assured that our plans are not only effective but also flexible and adaptable to your changing needs.

Cherish Future Leaders

This is an exclusive 16-week development program that will equip each future leader with the skills and knowledge they will need to apply for management roles within the Cherish Group.

Future Leaders

Cherish Management Development Programme

We are thrilled to announce the first-ever Cherish Management Development Programme for Future Leaders, set to launch in autumn 2023. This year’s programme has already begun, and we are no longer accepting applications. However, if you are interested in becoming a Future Leader, please submit your application for the next term by June 2024.

The exclusive 16-week development programme is designed to equip every Future Leaders with the skills and knowledge required to apply for management roles within the Cherish group. Due to its exclusivity, there will be tough competition for admission.

All eligible applicants who met the selection criteria were informed to attend a Selection Day held at our Head Office on August 22nd, 2023. This Selection Day was thorough and included group discussions and business games as part of the evaluation to assess their abilities and attitudes; they were also asked to provide sample work. Due to limited slots, not all candidates who attended the Selection Day were selected.

Please keep in mind that applications for this year are closed. To submit your application for June 2024, please follow the instructions below.

Joining FLOC has been awesome, i got to see Cherish in a different light and perspective, experienced different job roles and placements. The various workshops were quite enlightening and structured in such a way as to enhance residual knowledge, it couldn't have been better.


    Cherish UK's FLOC training transformed me, molding a more empathetic, dedicated individual. It's a values masterclass, transcending the professional to shape life's approach. Committed to driving positive change within Cherish UK, I aspire to inspire through dedication and compassion in personal development.


      Thank you for the amazing Future Leader Programme. It taught me important skills and knowledge and changed my life. The instructors and mentors helped me a lot and supported me all the way. I suggest this program to anyone who wants to improve as a leader.